Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between MOBE and other bartending services who advertise "licensed bartenders"?
A common misconception is that a liquor license and a bartending license are one in the same. This is not true.

To be licensed bartender in Clark County means that one has met and completed all of the state/county legal criteria to serve and/or handle alcoholic beverages. This individual must possess three cards:

1. Sheriff’s Card (Work Card/Work Permit)— Sheriff’s Cards are required for all positions in a gaming establishment and many other work places. The purpose of the Work Card or Permit is to document, investigate and license all employees of the gaming and liquor industry.
2. Health Card—Health Cards are required for people who work in specific industries within Nevada, including food/beverage handlers.
3. TAM® Card (Drink Card/Alcohol Education Card)—Anyone who works at an establishment as a server, seller or security guard must receive alcohol awareness training and obtain a TAM® Card.

For MOBE or similar, it is required by the letter of the law to possess a liquor catering license. This is a state issued license by the Liquor and Gaming Division of Clark County, which also permits the distribution and sale of alcohol, as well as gaming throughout all of Clark County. These are not easy to obtain or maintain, as operating under this special clearance mandates very specific policies and guidelines. In addition, every MOBE staff member possesses all 3 required cards. We love providing our customers with the assurance of being legitimized, covered, and worry free.

Make sure you do your research when inquiring about bar service for your next event. Ask about liquor liability, insurance, and (if necessary) ask for a Liquor License Number.

Don’t make the simple mistake of opting for a “licensed bartender” as it does NOT ensure legal coverage. We know all of this may sound confusing – if you have any questions please feel free to contact us! We’re here to help you…after all, this is what we do.

What should I expect to pay for my event?
The cost will be determined by the factors listed on our “Packages” page. Upon receiving your inquiry, our sales staff will respond to you with a quote which will show you a per person cost for your hosted event. Your event total with taxes and fees will also be provided. Our rates have always been competitive and we do not add “hidden fees” to our services. Our business successes are maintained by our reputation as a fair, flexible, and professional.
How do you determine the number of staff members I need for my party?
We typically base the number of staff members for an event on factors such as: guest count, length of event, and the type of service you would like. We will always start by recommending the number of staff members we believe is necessary to make your event fluid and manageable. With an experienced team on our side, often times one person can handle multiple tasks. And of course, we can always provide additional staff members at your request.
What if I'd like to upgrade one or two types of liquor?
No problem! Just let us know and we can arrange an upgrade at a reasonable cost. Our menus are not fixed, and we’ll always do our best to accommodate your preferences.
I like the sound of a cash bar. How does that work exactly?
When choosing the cash bar option, we basically agree to a guaranteed minimum of sales. This amount is determined by the number of staff members we provide, the number of guests, and the duration of your event. If sales do not meet or exceed the guaranteed minimum, you simply make up the difference. Cash bars are a great way of receiving bar service at no cost to you, if you are confident that your guests will be enjoying a reasonable share of drinks.
Is it possible to have a cash bar, but provide free drinks to select guests?
Yes, we recommend using drink tickets. You can prepay for a set number of drink tickets and hand them out accordingly to guests. The cost per ticket would be equivalent to the cash bar prices. The bartenders would accept these as payment.

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Fully insured and licensed to serve and sell alcohol at most venues throughout the City of Las Vegas and Clark County.


We offer several bar packages for small to large events, ranging from simple beer and wine stations to high quality LED / back-lit premium beer, wine, champagne, and/or full liquor bars. MOBE is here to make sure your special event exceeds your expectations.

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